Director, Playwright, Actor, Senior Producer, OffScrip Health

Joey Brenneman is a curious and creative beast who explores her artistry through a variety of media. She has worked as an actor, director, writer and producer in the New York theater scene for over 30 years and also worked in commercials and voice-overs. Her life path has repeatedly led her to intersect her creative work with health issues. At the peak of the AIDS epidemic, Joey wrote and performed with STAR Theater, a company that uses theater to educate. She has written and directed numerous films and PSA’s with and for teenagers and young adults about gender, sexuality and reproductive health. She has created web content for the Dept. of Neurosurgery at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, filming and interviewing patients about their amazing success stories. During the pandemic, she wrote a virtual play with a group of New York City High School seniors addressing their mental health journeys during lockdown. Now, at Offscrip Health, Joey is excited to add her voice and her vision to the podcast world while absorbing a whole new medical and patient advocacy vocabulary.  

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